Google has recently released Chrome 92. The latest version of the browser includes a raft of high value updates and has fixes for a number of high severity security issues.

Here's a quick overview:

Chrome for iOS now allows users to lock their "incognito" browsing tabs. This secures them with either a passcode or your TouchID. The new security feature is not enabled by default. In order to enable it you will need to go to Settings and Privacy and then enable the "Lock Incognito Tabs" option.

Locked Incognito tabs will not be visible after leaving and reopening Chrome unless the user re-authenticates.

Chrome 92 (all platforms) also fleshes out its Chrome Actions feature. This allows you to typing in certain keywords and phrases and get a shortcut to the feature you're looking for.

For example, you can type in:

  • Delete History
  • Edit Passwords
  • Manage Security Settings
  • Or Manage Sync

Typing these commands will bring you to the relevant section of the browser's settings page. You can also now type in "Safety Check" which will allow you to scan your device for malicious extensions. Google has also beefed up its Site Isolation feature. This feature was initially introduced to prevent Spectre-like side-channel attacks. Google has also upgraded its phishing protection by adding image processing capabilities.

The company had this to say about its new phishing protections:

"If the site matches a known phishing site, Chrome warns you to protect your personal information and prevent you from exposing your credentials. On average, users will get their phishing classification results after 100 milliseconds, instead of 1.8 seconds."

Chrome 92 offers all of that and also addresses a total of nine high severity security issues. This is a major update. Get it today if you haven't already installed it.

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